All types of products at manufacturing plants are provided with the necessary quality control and food products safety system, based on HACCP fundamental provisions and DSTU ISO22000 standards, implementation of which is monitored by our company.

Products of TM Semki and TM Kozatska Slava have the Halal Certificate.
The company is always open to cooperation with innovative and potentially interesting products for consumers. We have extensive experience in distributing and representing new products and trademarks of our partners.

Many products without which today’s consumers cannot imagine their life were first presented on the market of Ukraine and other countries under our partners’ trademarks:

2000 TM Kozatska Slava (until 2014 Kozatska Rozvaga) is the first trademark of packaged peanuts and flavored peanuts in Ukraine.

2006 TM Semki is the first national trademark of packed sunflower seeds in Ukraine.

2012 For the first time the product is presented on the market – salted seeds from TM Semki, produced by the technology of diffuse salting.

2014 TM Snekkin was introduced in the product range – croutons and chips.

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