About company

IPG Trading is one of the largest distribution companies of the FMCG market in Ukraine. The company also has an export division that facilitates the sales of products to other countries worldwide.

We work with all marketing channels in which we ensure the necessary level of representation and merchandising. The use of innovative approaches and technologies allows the company to respond very quickly to consumer demand and successfully achieve the company’s strategic goals.



INNOVATION: We create and implement new, novel ideas in order to develop functional, impulse, innovative products utilizing professionalism and flexibility.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We willingly bring into action the contribution of our business to the society development in the social, economic and environmental spheres, which is directly related to the creation of innovative products, since we feel responsible to new generations.

LEADERSHIP: We are present in many countries of the world and manifest our leadership through inspiration in an effort to achieve our Vision. We use the best global management experience and are result-oriented, realizing that people are our main potential. We implement our leadership through partnership.


We improve the “taste of life” with our products, respecting your time and creating comfort so that you enjoy every moment.


2021 International Product Group